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About Us

About Us

Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC), has been established for the promotion of Hindi & Sanskrit in School Education by establishing schools all over India and abroad. The California University , USA has recognized the courses run by the Council making the certificates of Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC),  internationally acceptable.

The Council of School Education Board (COSEB) has granted membership to Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC). Hindi has emerged from Sanskrit and is the main language of many states of India and under Article 343 of the Constitution of India Hindi has been prescribed official language of the Union. And Sanskrit is thousand years old language and plays vital role in development of languages in India.

It is therefore, imperative to preserve and spread our cultural heritage in India and abroad. Sanskrit is mother of many languages in India and is spoken and taught in many countries of the world like UK, Finland, Austria, Belgium, China and Japan etc. Above all, English the current modern international language has also been influenced by Sanskrit.

Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC),  is running 8th Standard, Secondary and Senior Secondary level courses on the pattern of CBSC/NCERT and follow National Curriculum Frame Work (NCF) for the students of weaker section of the society, rural youth, working men and women, SC/ST, OBC and other disadvantaged persons including dropout students with especial emphasis on girls education who could not continue with their formal education for various reasons. In addition the Council is also running Diploma in Hindi & Sanskrit language Courses.

Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC), is an autonomous body which is established for development of school education under the guidelines of National Education Policy 1986, and Programme of Action 1992, of Govt. of India.

“Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC), Delhi” is an autonomous body and all Educational Boards/ Universities are autonomous bodies. Each educational organization having discretionary powers; according these powers every Institution/ Board/ University/ State/ Central Government of India having liberty and right to take own decision either to allow or refuse any admission/ service. But we do our best to make success the non-formal education program. All educational programs run by the board are board’s own autonomous education program. Legality, Validity, Utility of program is strict conformity with the constitution of India (1950) and law of land under Article 19(1)G, 29, 30, 45, 46 & 351.

“Oriental Secondary School Certificate (OSSC), Delhi  “ is an autonomous Educational Organization and has no any concern with any similar named organization. All Diploma/ Certificate/ Documents are awarded autonomously”